(Giethoorn 1957) painter

Education: Academy of Arts Minerva Groningen

Technique: freestyle paintings, commissioned portraits drawing and photography.

“Heads” The emphasis is on the painting itself, the balancing of the composition on the canvas.

©saripiek acryl op linnen 'Benigno' 85 x 80 cm
introversio©saripiek2013 100 x 105 'introversio'
©saripiek 100 x 105 'introversio'
©saripiek 2016 ‘Felicitas’ acrylverf op linnen 90 x 90©saripiek2014-'these-three'-acryl-op-doek-98x105-cm
'©saripiek 2016 ‘Felicitas’ acrylverf op linnen 90 x 90
saripiek2016 gesso en  acryl op papiersaripiek2016 gesso en  acryl op papier
'©saripiek2016 gesso en acryl op papier' cm
©saripiek olie op paneel 'Amandla' b 34.5 x h 42
the hooded man©saripiek2015 olie op paneel 'I am - 'the hooded man'
©saripiek olie op paneel 'I am - 'the hooded man' b 41.5 x h 34.5
©saripiek acryl op linnen 'white and unsmiling.
©saripiek 2016 ‘demeanor’ 90 x 90 acrylverf op linnen.
dressed-headsaripiek-2015-'dressed-head'acrylverf op papier
©saripiek 'dressed head' b.69 x h.123 cm - acrylverf op papier
the-culprit©saripiek 2014 'the culprit' 105 x 100 cm
©saripiek-'the culprit' 105x100cm
©saripiek 100 x 90 'a face' acryl op linnen
anything-the-matter©saripiek2014 'anything the matter-'
©saripiek 'anything the matter'acryl op doek 90 x 80
zwmbadgesprek©saripiek2014 42x45 olieverf op paneel 'zwembadgesprek'
©saripiek 42x45 olieverf op paneel 'zwembadgesprek'
in-bleu©saripiek2014 acryl op linnen 'in bleu' 55 x 65
©saripiek acryl op linnen 'in bleu' 55 x 65
hector©saripiek2015 olie op paneel 'Hector'
©saripiek olie op paneel 'Hector' b 34.5 x h 42
sweet-faced©saripiek-acryl-op-linnen- 'sweet faced'
'©saripiek acryl op linnen 'sweet faced'
©saripiek2016-acryl-op-doek-br-60-h-65-'looking for stars

more paintings here: overzicht

short statement

Portrait, Fr. 'portrait' ; Lat. " protrahere ' , highlighting or konterfeitsel , Fr. " contre fait " imitated ; Lat. " contrafacere ' counterfeit Latin protrahere ] pro [ before ] + trahere [ pull ] .

This is a description in a dictionary of the portrait. In part that is what I do. Commissioned portraits must resemble the portrayed person . In my free work it is a completely different thing. There , the word ' konterfeitsel ' or ‘counterfeit’ might apply. With paint, light, dark, color and texture I make something that was not there before, it is something I conjure up. My paintings are not about specific  individuals , rather they are records of general human images based on chance encounters , photographs, memories and ideas. Besides paintings I make drawings, photographs and collages .


see here the interview made by rtv. Meppel on the occasion of the show at the "Secretarie" in 2014